Property Management & Leasing.

When you partner with Stuart to handle the

leasing and management of your property and or

property portfolio the outcome is clear, you will maximize your return on investment and minimize the associated risks when it comes to your investment property and or portfolio. 

Stuart takes a highly professional and strategic approach when it comes to assisting you with your investment property and your associated property management goal's. Specializing in residential and commercial leasing and management across Perth Western Australia, offering vast experience and knowledge, you will not only feel the difference but you will see the difference and value that partnering with Stuart delivers.  

Premium Quality
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Skilled economic and market analysis will be completed and discussed with you, to ensure your property is positioned in the market to be leased at the highest price possible, in the given market within an efficient period of time. This ensures days on market are minimised, resulting in you maximising your return. This process is very data and analytically driven.    


Marketing strategy recommendations will also be discussed with you to ensure the most suitable strategy is implemented for the type of property, the given market place and the give market conditions.

Lease Contract Negotiations.

Successfully negotiating lease terms and conditions to ensure favourable terms and conditions are agreed upon is and art form, recommendations and and strategies will be discussed with you for approval, this is massively important to achieving the highest possible return on investment, legal compliance, whilst balancing the needs and requirements of the tenant, this ensures there is a balanced win win agreement achieved.

Tenant Selection.

Tenant selection and application processing  and assessment is meticulously completed, with the results discussed with you in detail to ensure the most suitable and  highest quality tenant is selected and secured.   

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Property Condition Report.

A comprehensive best practise property condition report is conducted and completed at the start of the lease to ensure legal compliance and to ensure the condition on the property is recorded for assurance proposes at the end of the lease, ensuring the property is vacated by the tenant as legally required. the property condition report is a detailed document that incorporates a combination of descriptive text and photos to illustrate the condition of the property. The property condition report is also  crucial to identifying maintenance  strategies to be implement to ensure the property is functioning and performing efficiently, whilst protecting the asset value of the property which leads to higher returns on investment over the long run.  All property condition reports are completed in house and by Stuart himself, this enables him to become intimately familiar with the property and it's condition. This services is not outsourced or done by someone else which is a common occurrence when it comes to other property management service provides.  

Tenant Management.

During the lease it is important to have systems and processes in place to ensure the tenancy is managed efficiently and effectively, with a 3 hour return call policy, tenants appreciate the fast and proactive level of service, this makes them feel valued. this is just one strategy implement by Stuart to ensure a strong working relationship with the tenant is built which helps with lease extension negotiations which results in a more profitable situation for you the longer the tenancy is in place at the property.  Stuart is a master negotiator, having the ability to have the sometimes difficult conversations and discussions with tenants on your behalf alleviates and reduces your stress and gives you back your time to focus on your life, whilst still being keep highly informed and updated by Stuart as to the situation with your investment property. 

Property Maintenance. 

Proactive maintenance is maintenance that may not need doing immediately, however proactive maintenance strategies will be discussed with you, this maintenance is highlighted when the property condition report is completed and between tenancies. Proactive maintenance is extremely important to consistently maximizing your return on investment, these maintenance strategies help generate higher weekly rents, keeps your vacancy rate down, helps offset depreciation, and allows for higher rates of tax deductions.   


Re-active maintenance is maintenance that requires rectification immediately, such as burst water pipes or blown hot water systems or blocked toilets. Providing fast responses times and rectification of this type of maintenance is crucial to strengthening the relationship with the tenant and protecting the property from damage. Tenants will tend to stay longer at a property if maintenance is followed up efficiently, effectively and with high communication. With both the tenant and owner having direct contact with Stuart by having access to Stuart's mobile phone contact number allows these matters to be rectified and solved quickly.  

Stuart has built strong relationships with master trades people and contractors, so when proactive or reactive maintenance needs to be completed, you will benefit from whole sale discounted prices and priority service with flexible payment options. Having access to whole sale discounted prices keep your maintenance expense down allowing you a higher return on investment and a well kept maintained property and a happy tenant.  

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Rent Collection.  

Stuart's systems and process when it comes to collecting rent is world class, which involves automated reminder emails and text message reminders, combined with more personalised strategies such as picking the phone up and calling the tenant and or attending the property and knocking on the door to follow up rent payment. 

these personalised strategies are rarely offered and or undertaken by Stuart's competitors, Stuart is a master negotiator and communicator which results in Stuart's rent collection and arrears management strategies being the industry bench mark and his competitive advantage against his competitors that you can access by partnering with him to manage your investment property or portfolio.  

Routine Inspection.

Stuart completes all routine inspection himself this service is not outsourced or done by someone else which is a common occurrence when it comes to other property management service provides.  


Completing the routine inspections himself this allows Stuart to keep a very close eye on the condition of the property, the tenant's legal compliance and obligation when it comes to looking after the property. This also allows Stuart to identify required maintenance that can be effectively communicated through to you, whilst also having a strategic discussion with Stuart about any maintenance implementation. Given  Stuart  completes routine inspection himself, this also allows him the opportunity to further build rapport with the tenant  helping to galvanizing and strengthen the relationship with the tenant. Building higher levels of rapport with your tenant is a tactical strategy to help maximise your return on investment. 

Lease Renewal. 

Stuart will complete a property market analysis to ensure you are in a position to also maximise your return on investment. Stuart will then discuss the market conditions and potential rent increase options for your consideration, Once a strategy is confirmed Stuart will then negotiate with the tenant on your behalf . 

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End Of Lease.

Stuart will complete the bond inspection and complete a report to be forwarded to the tenant. Stuart will ensure the property is vacated by the tenant inline with the lease agreement, relevant legislation and the property condition report. Stuart will negotiate a settlement with the tenant to ensure any matters that need to be addressed by the tenant are followed up. once a settlement has been negotiated and is executed he will arrange disbursement of the bond according to the settlement agreement.

Financial Control.

Stuart completes all the financial management and reporting of trust monies collect himself, you will receive an easy to read monthly financial statement outlining the property income and expenses, with funds transformed directly to your bank account. You can also arrange with Stuart to have any invoices associated with the property such as maintenance and rates paid using funds held in trust. You will also receive a free annual income and expense report which can simply be forwarded to your accountant at tax time.

Property Acquisition & Disposal.

Being a property management client and with Stuart being a holder of a Bachelor of commerce with majors in property and marketing and a Diploma of property, his education and experience can be utilised by you to discuss acquisition strategies and disposal strategies at a much deeper level, this will position you to maximise your realised returns. These discussions and any analysis comes free and is included in your property management fees.

if you engage Stuart to sell a property you will receive a discounted VIP rate being an existing client.

Customer Service.

Both owners and tenants have access to Stuart's direct mobile number and can call any time, this enables clients to reach Stuart after hours and on weekends.    

Stuart has won a very prestigious customer services excellence award which is a endorsement of the level of service Stuart provides his clients and the value that he brings to the table as your real estate professional. 

Premium Quality
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